Chen Yun Chi




In 1842, Sir John Herschel discovered the cyanotype. When printing were yet to mature, the cyanotype was the most efficient and stable printing method.
Traditionally, the cyanotype was used in architectural blueprints and for developing photographs. In this work, I showcase cyanotype developing through digital post-production and use the concept of image layers to retrace the outlines of the architecture by using color photography as the base. By combining the two approaches, I attempt to present a dual visual simulation that resembles cyanotype developing and architectural blueprints to reveal the multiple realities in today’s digital images.

1842年,John Herschel爵士發現了藍曬法(cyanotype),在印刷工藝尚未成熟前,它是複印方法中有效率且穩定的選擇。